The Empty Tomb

The Empty TombThe Empty Tomb is the culmination of Ghislaine’s Stations of the Cross series which was made for Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in 2000 and has been touring British cathedrals since, returning to Liverpool every two years.

The painting was inspired by the artist’s experience of walking the urban spaces between the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, making studies of those places where rough sleepers had found temporary shelter – the blankets and cardboard boxes bearing the traces of their recent occupants

The Empty Tomb, which measures 4′ x 8′, is housed in an impressive steel reliquary by sculptor Brian Fell, and has a stark and resonant power that fuses the spiritual with the humanitarian.

The painting was unveiled by the Bishop of Liverpool on Easter Sunday, 2008, and remains on display throughout the year.

Towards The Empty Tomb, an exhibition of paintings and drawings which charts the development of The Empty Tomb, was shown at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral from September 18 – November 30, 2008.

Laura Gascoigne reviewed The Empty Tomb in The Tablet (March 22, 2008). Click here to read the review (PDF).