The Seven Acts of Mercy

Ghislaine is currently working on seven major cavases dedicated to The Seven Acts of Mercy. Although the subject is specifically Christian in origin, the ideas that inspire them are central to all the world’s major religions and should be the foundation for any civilised society. They represent values that are in danger of being lost in the modern world.

The Seven Acts of Mercy are as follows:

Feed the hungry

Visit the sick

Give drink to the thirsty

Clothe the naked

Shelter the homeless / welcome the stranger

Visit the imprisoned / ransom the prisoner

Bury the dead

These works develop from her ongoing practice known as The 365 Series. These are daily paintings (6 x 8 inches) derived from news media imagery that she began in 2006 and has continued ever since.

365 of these daily paintings were exhibited at Imperial War Museum North in 2009 and at York Minster together with her large monochrome sequence Stations of the Cross / the Captive Figure this year. This juxtaposition between the timeless iconic stations and the contemporary photographs of news events has proved to be a very powerful and effective experience for those who have seen them.